La Querelle Des Monstres is a interdisciplinary performance examining duality and the many forms it takes in our lives. Using conjoined twin phenomena and global twin mythologies as a reference, two performers physically work through the inseparable nature of intimate relationships using choreography, unscripted improvisation, installation, music, and ritual. The improvisation draws on pop culture references to twins and voyeurism regarding biological and genetic oddities. The content is informed by scientific debates, conjoined twin specific histories and audience interaction. Throughout the performance, the pair engage in a series of collaborative “tests” -eating, putting on shoes, sleeping, dancing, etc. The two silently work together to until one twin dies. In the last few moments before her ultimate demise, the other twin engages with the audience as she simultaneously erects her own Ibeji, a Yoruban sculpture created when one or both twins die. Semi-private moments cover a range of emotion as the living twin reflects on her personal life and the universality of separation.