Drawing from her training in theatre and the psychology of group dynamics, New York–based artist Autumn Knight makes performances that reshape perceptions of race, gender, and authority. She scrutinizes institutional spaces that regulate African American subjects or that assert their absence, often putting black women at the center of the conversation to usurp the dynamics of a room with humor and with purpose. Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal is the first comprehensive publication on the artist. It includes essays from performance studies scholars Jennifer Doyle and Sandra Ruiz, and curators Amy L. Powell and Ryan N. Dennis. A conversation between the artist and renowned choreographer Cynthia Oliver offers a frank discussion of their support networks while also showing the influence of contemporary dance in Knight’s practice. The book reproduces Knight’s original performance scores and research notes to present a physical document of her work with a beautiful balance of images and text. The book both documents Autumn Knight’s exhibition at Krannert Art Museum in Spring 2017 and establishes a set of critical frameworks through which to consider Knight’s work and all of the issues it addresses: race, gender, authority and their play in institutions presenting performance.